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Cystic Fibrosis Community Care (CFCC) provide a range of programs and support services to the CF community. 

View our programs and support services below or get in contact with us at support@cfcc.org.au or 1300 023 222 to speak to one of our support team. 

Information & support

Information and support services to individuals and families living with CF.

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Support to students and families as they engage in pre-school, primary and tertiary education. Support to teachers and educators is also offered.
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Self-advocacy tools and support, individual advocacy, and advocacy on a systemic level for all people living with CF. 

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Grants & Equipment

Grants, subsidies, and equipment for CFCC members, to help with the cost of living with CF.

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A range of in-person and online events, offering opportunities for connection and learning.

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Respite programs to help people living with CF, their families and carers, to take a break.

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2024 Programs and Supports | A snapshot.

You can find information on all of our programs and supports via the links above. 

We would like to thank our Consumer Working Group, who have provided feedback and helped to co-design the programs for 2024, most notably our new program, the CF Relief Fund.

You can contact our team at support@cfcc.org.au, or 1300 023 222.