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At CFCC, we offer dedicated education support, working with school children and their families to ensure all children with CF can have the best learning opportunities and experiences while managing their CF.

We do this through providing information, support and advocacy for students living with CF. This includes:

  • exploring strategies with parents and children with CF to support their learning
  • collaborating with families, teachers and other educational professionals to find the most effective ways to support children with CF
  • speaking to school staff to raise awareness about CF and the impacts on health and learning
  • providing educational resources and referrals to other services
  • liaising with medical professionals and hospital teachers.

Each year, we run information sessions for parents about managing CF and school. See our events section for 2024 session dates for our starting primary school and starting high school webinars.

You may find CF Smart helpful, which is an online resource created for teachers and educators to improve understanding of CF in an education setting.

CFCC Victorian Scholarship Program: Our Scholarship Program provides assistance to students in Victoria with CF to help cover costs related to their primary, secondary or tertiary school education, and alternate educational pathways, such as educational courses, services or equipment. Download the 2024 Victorian Application Form Here.

Contact our Education Support Coordinator at support@cfcc.org.au to find out more and get support.

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