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CFStrong Webinar Series: Taking Control of My CF

In this 3-part webinar series you will learn everything you need to know to prepare you for transitioning from paediatric care to adult care. This series is perfect for young people (aged 12-18) as well as parents!

The webinar series will cover:

  • The stages of transition and things you can do to get ready!
  • Questions you can start asking of your team and when to start asking them.
  • What taking control of your health care means - what does it actually look like?
  • Am I ready? Take the quiz!
  • What your future looks like!

If you have questions or topics you would like us to cover in these webinars, please contact support@cfcc.org.au

Webinar 1: Almost Adulting

Tuesday 21st March 2023

8pm - 9:00pm

So you've heard of transition, but don't really know what it means for you right now?This webinar will go through the stages of transition and what you can do to get ready! Perfect for 12-15 years of age (and your parents).

Webinar 2: Empowering Myself...

Tuesday 2nd May 2023

8pm - 9:00pm

Transitioning to adult care means the opportunity to have greater control over your health and health care! This can be exciting for some and scary for others. This webinar covers learning how talk to your health care team, employer, teacher or lecturer and how to advocate for yourself.

Webinar 3: My Future!                   

Tuesday 20th June 2023

8pm - 9:00pm

Wondering what your future looks like? Your study choices? Your career choices? Join us in this webinar to hear from others living with CF who are following their passions.