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Your kind gift will help fund more than 20 essential services for people living with cystic fibrosis from vital equipment and medicines through to support programs and financial subsidies. People with cystic fibrosis need your support today, tomorrow and in the future.

Please help make difference today.

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Jack's story

When Amanda and Charles brought their beautiful baby boy Jack into the world in early 2020, the pandemic was just getting started. During his first few weeks, Amanda had a healthy milk supply, but Jack was struggling to gain weight. They received a call when Jack was four weeks old with the results of his newborn screening test, additional examinations were required. At five weeks old a call from the paediatrician confirmed the repeat test was positive, Jack must attend the children’s hospital for further investigation and soon after received his devastating diagnosis.

"Knowing there’s an organisation advocating to help make new advances in medical treatment available in Australia means that Jack will have the best possible chance of living a long, healthy and relatively normal life. As a donor, you have given the biggest gift possible to a family living with cystic fibrosis. You have given us hope for our future."

Amanda, mum to Jack

How does your donation help?

Can provide emergency relief subsidies supporting cystic fybrosis families in crisis.

Can contribute towards accommodation supporting cystic fibrosis families experiencing lengthy hospital stays.

Can contribute towards the purchase of essential equipment helping people with cystic fibrosis to breathe easier.

Aid delivery of over 20 crucial programs and services tailored to meet the changing needs of the cystic fibrosis community.

Our commitment to you

Since 1974 Cystic Fibrosis Community Care has been helping people living with cystic fibrosis to live a life unaffected. Thanks to your support, together we are helping more than 1,600 individuals with CF and their families and carers addressing wellness and social health issues, alleviating financial burden, providing life-giving equipment and much more.

In 2020, 72% of our income went straight back into delivering services that assisted people living with cystic fibrosis.

We are grateful for every donation we receive, and ensure that funds raised and donated go to where they are needed most.