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Make a positive contribution

Your workplace can change the lives of people living with cystic fibrosis. Being able to communicate and promote to your clients, customers and employees that your company is making a difference in the life of a person with CF, their families and the wider community is important for any corporation in today’s society.

Helping you to achieve your social responsibility objectives is critically important to us, and that each partnership we form is treated as special, is open to review and is bespoke in nature - designed to meet mutual needs. Irrespective of size and footprint we manage all our partnerships with the aim to maximise impact, strengthen the strategic connection and ensure we your values and objectives are met.

Financial support

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care understands that companies often prefer to direct their support to a specific program or project of their choice – one where they feel a sense of ownership and responsibility and can promote internally and externally.

Financial support may include:

  • Supporting our Educating the Community project
  • Providing Life-Giving Equipment - personal nebulisers and nebuliser parts; airway clearance equipment; oxygen concentrators and spirometers
  • Expansion of our Increasing Health and Wellness Outcomes program   
Pro bono and in–kind support

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care accepts donations of in–kind goods or pro bono services that we would otherwise need to buy on commercial terms. Pro bono and in–kind goods and services enable us to direct an even greater percentage of the donations we receive to our programs.

To discuss how you could support in this way, please contact us.

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Customer engagement

Over the past 15 years, Australia has embraced the concept of not for profit cause-related marketing in response to the never ending challenge of developing brand loyalty in an extremely competitive marketplace.

In addition to the value successful cause-related marketing can add to your brand and corporate image in the eyes of your customers, aligning your company with a cause can also work to boost employee morale and loyalty, making you a preferred employer.

A cause-related partnership with Cystic Fibrosis Community Care can include the following benefits:

  • enhanced public perception of your brand
  • increased sales
  • positive media coverage
  • creation of a unique selling point over your competitors
  • strong incentives for consumers to switch to your brand
  • increased long-term customer loyalty
  • improved relationships with supply chain and retailers
  • improved employee morale and loyalty.