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Take the 65 Challenge

Cystic Fibrosis Month

During the month of May we see friends, family, colleagues and all our magnificent fundraising supporters come together to raise awareness and funds for people living with cystic fibrosis.

Log in and choose your 65 Challenge – you can sign up for 65K in May, better still enter a team; choose a ‘65 Your Way Challenge’ or set up your own fundraiser. Whatever you do we are counting on you, your family, friends and work mates!

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For more information or if you need help with your fundraising activity please call us directly – Melbourne office (03) 9686 1811 or Sydney office (02) 8732 5700 - we can help you plan, promote and execute your event.

Do it your way in May!

Run, walk, skip or slide 65K's in May, Wherever you live, whatever your fitness level, you can decide when and where you complete your 65K. You can participate by yourself, with friends or family or get together a team with your work colleagues. Choice is yours!

Funds raised will provide a range of programs and services in support of people living with cystic fibrosis.

Be a hero! Help get us to zero lives affected by cystic fibrosis!

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Challenge yourself this May!

65 Your Way involves getting friends, family, neighbours, schools or workplaces to sponsor you throughout May while completing a task based around the number 65. It could be a physical challenge, like 65 push-ups a day, or you could zoom yourself dancing to 65 different songs or practice a new instrument for 65 hours in a month.

Or if you prefer, create your own fundraising activity - it could be absolutely anything at all.

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Want to learn more?

For more information, check our toolkit and resources to help you with your fundraising event. Better yet, in Melbourne call us directly (03) 9686 1811 or email fundraising@cfcc.org.au and in Sydney call (02) 8732 5700 or email communityfr@cfcc.org.au and we can help you plan, promote and execute your event.

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