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Support Events

We provide a variety of programs and services to assist people living with CF and their families in Victoria and NSW to connect with other people living with CF through peer and social support and community events.

All our programs are available in both NSW and Victoria unless otherwise mentioned. To be eligible to receive our programs and services, you must be a current member of Cystic Fibrosis Community Care.

For more details, or to refer yourself or family for any of our services, please contact us on:

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Support dinners, events & information sessions

Attend a Support Event

Each year, we host a number of support dinners, events and information sessions across Victoria and NSW and online. These dinners provide an opportunity for people living with CF and family members to meet others who are, or have been, in a similar situation. They are a great chance to meet new people and catch up with some old friends and share stories, experiences and resources.

If you would like to suggest a location for a support dinner or topic for an information session in the future, please contact our Programs and Support Services team in your state.

For more information:

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One-on-one peer support

Have you ever wanted to speak to someone from the CF community, who understands your situation and just gets it?

Our peer support program provides opportunities for people with CF, their family and carers to have a chat with a trained peer volunteer. Our peer volunteers are members of the CF community, including parents, siblings, grandparents and people with CF. Peer volunteers are available to have a chat via phone or online to share information and experiences, and provide a listening ear.

For more information:

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Facebook group for women with CF

Our Facebook group for young women with CF, Sister5Roses was prompted by a group of our young members who were looking for a space to connect online. This group is a place for young women with CF (17+) to connect with others who share a similar journey.

The Sister5Roses group can be joined on request and is a safe place for you to share your stories and hear those of other young women. We invite you to post, comment and share things that interest you… either CF-related or not. We want this online community to be a place where you can drop in for a chat, make new friends, have a laugh and share your views on things that interest you.

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Annual remembrance service (Vic)

Held annually in Melbourne, this non-denominational service remembers those people who with CF who are no longer with us. We extend a warm invitation to you, your family and friends to join us for our Remembrance Service to honour the lives of your loved ones who have lost their fight with CF.

The service includes special readings, time for reflection and the opportunity for those attending to light a candle and place a rose in remembrance. This a special time for the CF community to come together. We welcome all religious traditions and beliefs.

Our next remembrance service will be held in September 2022.  More details to come.

For more information:

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Regional CF Support Groups


In Geelong, Bendigo and Ballarat there are three local CF support groups which can provide an opportunity for you to connect in with other people and families living with CF. Each of the groups are organised independently and have their own ‘flavour’. If you live in these areas, check out your local group. 

Ballarat Cystic Fibrosis Incorporated 

Facebook     Email: macka@netconnect.com.au

Bendigo Cystic Fibrosis Support 

Facebook     Email: bendigocf@gmail.com

Geelong Cystic Fibrosis Group

Email: cfgeelong@gmail.com 

New South Wales

In NSW there are a variety of support activities offered by CFCC and in the community through informal social and hospital networks. If you or your group have a community support group, you would like CFCC to include please contact to discuss at 

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