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Subsidies & equipment

Cystic Fibrosis Community Care provides equipment, subsidies, and financial assistance for a range of CF-related expenses to individuals and families living with CF throughout NSW and Victoria.

All our programs are available in both NSW and Victoria unless otherwise mentioned. To be eligible to receive our programs and services, you must be a current member of Cystic Fibrosis Community Care.

Please note that due to funding arrangements, some of our programs may be once-off programs or may have a closing date. Some funding bodies who support these programs may also require people to provide certain information such as proof of purchase so that we can acquit the grant.

For more details, or to refer yourself or family for any of our services, please contact us on:

Email: support@cfcc.org.au or Phone: 1300 023 222


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I need a nebuliser, PEP device, or replacement parts

Physiotherapy Equipment Program

Our Physiotherapy Equipment Program provides subsidies to for members who have CF who need to purchase essential physiotherapy equipment to help manage their CF. This includes nebulisers, PEP devices, replacements parts, masks, etc.

In Victoria the program is generously supported by our donors, community fundraisers, Freemasons Foundation Victoria, Freemason's United Service Lodge No 330, Tobin Brothers Foundation, and Joe White Bequest

For more information:

 Email: support@cfcc.org.au or Phone: 1300 023 222 

Equipment loan program

Our Equipment Loan Program enables members who have CF to borrow medical and physiotherapy equipment. Equipment available to borrow includes:

  • nebuliser pumps
  • a portable oxygen concentrator (Vic)
  • a wheelchair (Vic).

For more information:

Email: support@cfcc.org.au or Phone: 1300 023 222

I have paid for fitness activities &/or sport memberships

Our Fitness Participation Program provides subsidies for members who have CF to participate in the sport of their choice and to help improve lung function and overall health. This includes gym memberships, sporting fees and sport and exercise equipment.

Applications for 2023 will close 1 December 2023 (or earlier if all grants have been distributed)

For more information:

I have CF-related expenses like medications, hospital parking or other costs relating to CF

Our CF-Related Reimbursement Program assists members who have CF and their families by reimbursing some of their CF-related expenses. This includes expenses such as CF-related medications, supplements, hospital parking, and other expenses.

Applications for 2023 will close 1 December 2023 (or earlier if all grants have been distributed)

For more information:

I am heading to hospital or my CF clinic

Accommodation assistance for regional families

Our Accommodation Assistance Program subsidies, and can book, accommodation for members who have CF and who live in regional areas, so they can have the support of their immediate family while attending appointments or hospital stays in Melbourne or Sydney.

For more information:

You may also be able to access support through state government patient transport assistance schemes, such as Victorian Patient Transport Assistance Scheme (VPTAS) or the NSW Government Isolated Patients Transport and Accommodation Assistance Scheme.

TV hire for hospital stays (VIC)

Our Television Hire Program subsides the cost of television hire while Victorian members are in hospital for CF-related issues. To obtain the subsidy, members at The Alfred and Monash Medical Centre will need to show their current membership card to the TV company staff when admitted to hospital.

For more information:

CF massage program at Monash Medical Centre (VIC)

In 2018 we worked with the CF Physiotherapy Team at the Monash Medical Centre to establish a massage program for their adult inpatients who live with CF to help providing relief from muscle tension and pain.

This program would not be possible without the generous support of the Abbie Fennessy Trust.

I'd like someone to visit me while I’m in hospital

We regularly make inpatient hospital visits at the CF Centres in NSW and Victoria. So if you are an inpatient or planning a hospital admission, please feel free to give us a call so we can come by.

For more information:

I have had a CF-related transplant

Our Transplant Assistance Program provides support to our members who have CF and have recently had a CF-related transplant. This assistance aims to help relieve some of the financial stress while people recover and get back on their feet.

Applications for 2023 will close 1 December 2023 (or earlier if all grants have been distributed).

For more information:

Please contact support@cfcc.org.au or 1300 023 222 to discuss available time limited once off supports that may be available to you and your family.

My child needs assistance with their education

We work with school children and families to ensure that all children with CF can have the best learning opportunities and experiences while managing their CF. We do this through providing information, support and advocacy for students living with CF.

Scholarship program (VIC)

Our Scholarship Program provides assistance to members in Victoria who have children under 19 years with CF to help cover costs related to their school education or ‘alternate educational pathways’ (such as educational courses, services or equipment).

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I’m struggling financially & I need extra assistance

Our CF-Related Emergency Assistance Program provides members who have CF with emergency financial assistance for urgent CF-related needs at times of crisis, during lengthy hospital admissions or following sudden changes of health for people and families on a low income.

For more information:

You may also be able to access support through Centrelink and other organisations.