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Annual General Meeting 2023

Annual General Meeting 2023

On Thursday, 27 April, we had the opportunity to welcome CFCC members, Board Directors, and staff over Zoom to hold our Annual General Meeting for the 2022 financial year.

It was an opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months and hear about our successes, challenges, and achievements, how we performed operationally and financially, and finally, an opportunity to elect or re-elect Directors to the CFCC Board.

Our Chair, Kath Kaspar opened the meeting and, after official proceedings, delivered her Chair’s Report. Kath described the delight by the progress made in March 2022 when it was announced that Trikafta would be listed on the PBS for individuals 12 years and over who carried at least one F508del gene change, and then followed by the positive recommendation by the PBAC to list 6-11 years old on the PBS.

Kath also reminded the meeting that whilst it is exciting to hear this news, we know that there are many in our community who have not yet gained access or cannot be helped by Trikafta, including her son, and reiterated the commitment that we are not stopping until every person with CF has a bright future ahead.

Our Treasurer, Cameron Jones, also delivered his Report, describing the financial position of the organisation. Cameron described that the Financial Statements for 2022 would be presented as a Group, and therefore include the finances of both CFCC and CFNSW. Cameron also confirmed that despite the challenging environment, thanks to the wonderful support from our community and partners, CFCC had delivered an overall surplus of approximately $0.12million for 2022.

Finally, Cameron summarised that as of 31 December 2022, our equity totaled $6.35million including $4.05million of cash and short-term investments (investment portfolio), a 1.9% increase compared to the previous year (2021 – $6.23million).

To end the AGM, we were pleased to re-elect six of our nine Directors who were due to retire but eligible to stand for re-election for a further three years. Congratulations to Shane Fennell, Jo Harrison, Katherine Kaspar, Alex Matiejevic, Rachael Wilmot and Bryson Vaughan for their re-election to the Board.

Kath Kaspar thanked the CFCC community for their continuous support and we look forward to an exciting 2023.



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05 May 2023
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